Our Mission

Profits are donated to vetted humanitarian aid organizations helping people right now.

Our first organization is World Central Kitchen in partnership Anera. WCK Site

In Israel, WCK, working with local restaurants across the country, is serving meals to Israeli civilians who have been displaced from their homes and cities as a result of the early October attack and ongoing war.

In Gaza, In partnership with Anera, an aid organization working with Palestinian civilians, WCK is distributing food kits and warm meals to families who have been displaced and seeking safety during the current war.

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  • Stay Positive

    In times of darkness, we all have the ability to be the spark that lights the path, guiding us towards a better future.

  • Stay Together

    When all seems to divide and isolate us, we must gather in person, to hug one another; to spread peace and realize that love is the simple truth that binds us.

  • Stay Connected

    In a world divided, focus on what connects us. Now is the time to bridge the gap for all humanity, remembering our oneness.